Corporate portrait for 100Cherries, Berlin

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Portraits of Anastasia Veber, film director, winner Golden bear in Berlinale 2022 best short film.

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Portraits for CEO IDAGIO Till Janczukowicz

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Content photos  for the law office "AbNb"

In this photos, it was important to show the lawyers as they are. Creative, light, surprisingly friendly and creative.

The request was specifically for creative shots that reflect the spirit of the company.


for CELL Restaurant. Berlin

Vasileostrovsky market

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Grill Station

Atmospheric shots for the beautiful Grill Station restaurant in St Petersburg. 

Anthony Bonamici

Work with the eminent pianist Anthony Bonamici for his music album.

The photo was taken in New York's Central Park in the autumn.


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Cover for Olga Romanova's book "Protocol"

Calendar for BFA Bank

This was a very interesting project for BFA Bank, as I have been involved since the concept was approved. The idea of the calendar and the images are linked to the different windows of the city of St Petersburg, where a window is a reflection of a state of mind.

Each window has a specific story related to the mood of the month. 

Sketching shots, selecting models, crews and locations is always a big part of the shoot.

This time it wasn't work, I was pure pleasure. After all, I worked in my favourite city, in my favourite places and with my favourite people.

The layout and post-production of the calendar itself was entrusted to a team of professionals from BCA marketing - great guys, they worked wonderfully together.

I want to thank everyone who worked with us on this project, it was awesome! I really enjoyed working with BFA company, they are wonderful people who entrusted us with such a complicated and interesting project. Guys, thank you, it was great!


Advertising for Dream Aero

A very unusual task has been set by the team at Dream Aero, a flight simulation company. Dream Aero is a unique opportunity for everyone to feel like a pilot of a Boeing 737 aircraft.

All the tactile sensations of the cockpit, the feeling of taking off, flying, the visual effects, the airports and countries visible in the window - it's an incredible adventure.

For me, it was a very interesting shoot because it was taking place in a super small room with no light at all. I had to do all the lighting and optics myself and the post-production was also done by my team. It was interesting, unusual and positive.

The images are now decorating all Dream Aero products: banners in the city, gift certificates and the website 


outdoor advertising for Fitness House Prestige

One of my favourite projects and companies.

Working with the guys is just a unity of thought.  I really like the way Fitness House sees the shooting style, it's a low-key and fresh approach.

A case where "expensive" doesn't mean bright and deliberate. Expensive is about being yourself and having a vibrant personality. 


Portraits of Jetbrains executives.

Jetbrains is a world-renowned developer of software tools and software.


The task was to take live pictures of the charismatic bright people who founded such a great company.

Work on the project took place both in St. Petersburg and Munich. Post-production filming was done by my team.

Probka family

I really love shooting food, it's a kind of meditation for me. My beloved Probka Family regularly give me this opportunity.

The guys and I have had so many brilliant shoots and projects, I can't even count them any more.  Pictures have been in catalogues, brochures, menus and banners many times. Some of these works can be seen in the Probka Family Guide.

And I have had the utmost respect for Aram Mikhailovich, ever since my student days, when I made his first portraits for the magazine. For me, he is an incredible person who was able to make a real family out of his work - in St. Petersburg, Moscow and even Berlin.