dream become true


“Since the fall of 2018, I moved to live in Berlin and officially work as a photographer.

It was my goal for more than 10 years, to live in this amazing city, to work here, to make exhibitions and develop in Germany. Now my dream has come true. I begin this journey, my photographs are printed in Berlin newspapers, I really want to soon make an exhibition of works in one of the galleries of the city.”

some works

Abashova Maria, principal dancer at the Eifman Ballet.


One of my favorite areas of Berlin is Savignyplatz.

Here you can find a piece of New York and Paris, but it is surprising that it is still Berlin.

Parisian cafes, boulevards and huge plane trees, luxurious shops and beautiful architecture.

And around the corner is already quite Brooklyn Brandmauer with graffiti, an Art Nouveau metro station and the atmosphere of New York.

Such a different and amazing western Berlin!

Kate, Prenzlauer Berg

Natasha & Denis & Diesel

Late autumn in Berlin, a lot of light, the whole family is still sleeping a little - ideal and natural conditions for family photography.

The first sip of coffee, hugs, a warm cat basking in the sun.

And he is the star of the shooting - the stunning gold cat Diesel.

My Berlin

My black and white associations on the theme of Berlin.

Sometimes I take a camera, my favorite tilt-shift lens and collect my personal feeling from the city in pieces.

Personal moments, my feelings, my city air. This is a creative shot made on film,my favorite language of photography

My work with Cell restaurant

Neo-traditional French fine dining alongside one of Berlin's best wine lists

I was fortunate enough to work with the Cell restaurant team. These wonderful people are great professionals and working with them is always a joy

New star in Berlin's gourmet heaven

Since 2018, I have been cooperating with Berlin restaurant  " Cell "

I have made portraits of the chef, photographs of interior design, some of the restaurant’s events.

here more portraits